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Gearing up to bring you a brand new concept
founded on SGX principles.

Building Better Humans
LIVE Event – 007 !!

Sunday May 12 – Papago Park Phoenix
9am – 1pm 




SGX Paixnidia – takes the Mind Trifecta to a new level – as the ancient Greeks did when they created a series of athletic competitions around 776BC.

They were held in honor of Zeus, as shall the SGX PAIX – with a 4 part challenge that will test the Mind, Body and Soul.

Earn your SGX Wedge, STRONG Wedge and challenge yourself for the Sparta Coin.


The Mind Trifecta

The 3D pyramid composed of three magnetized stainless-steel plates called Circuits. Each Circuit holds one complete Trifecta.

The Mind Trifecta is founded on a solid commitment. In the same way, a Foundation Stone represents the commitment that grounds the three Circuits of your Trifecta.

The Foundation Stone is inscribed with the three domains of resilience: body, mind and spirit.

Total commitment is the only true starting point.

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