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Meet your SGX Performance Coaches

Covering 2 continents, these inspirational coaches will  guide you to achieve more, live a better lifestyle while building better humans.

Whether you’re looking to enter a “SGX PAIX Virtual Challenge” or a “Building Better Humans Live Event“… we are here to help you achieve your personal goals, overcome fears, cross that finish line and live a better lifestyle.

One thing is for sure – these coaches won’t give up on you. 

Coach Gino

Gino started his journey to SGX in the gym, weight 17 Stone / 238 Lbs – drank, smoked daily. no healthy foods and was on the road to crashing.

He saw a picture of himself and from that moment he got up, hit the gym, trained and made changes to his lifestyle.

While he was on his journey he discovered this amazing sport called “Obstacle Racing” and started with the world famous “Tough Guy” from that moment he caught the bug, started to lose more weight trained for OCR and hit “The Nuts Challenge” Race and only made the 7k (one round) – this pushed him further and started hitting around 30 races a year and bagged the X 25 Tough Mudder , the ever growing and Famous Nuclear races, Savage race, BattleFrog and Ran the first Spartan Race in the UK

While all this was happening, he decided to add to his career plan and not just race but became a trainer to teach people to live a better lifestyle and to this day he still stands by this ethos.

For over 5 years he was hitting around 50 races a year between the UK and USA and ended up taking the SGX exam and passed in 2018 and has been a proud member of the SGX team for the last 5 years .

Gino is very passionate about OCR and helping people and making change for good…


Coach Devon

Devon started his fitness journey in 2012 at 270 pounds. He lost 70 pounds in his first year of training, and became hooked on fitness.

In 2014, Devon participated in his first ever Spartan Race, and his life changed forever. Fitness went from a healthy hobby to a passion, and decided he wanted to help others on their way towards their fitness goals, and to get them on to the course as well. It is his firm belief that anyone, and everyone is capable of completing a Spartan Race.

In 2016, he became a certified personal trainer through NASM and began his work of
helping others find the results they desired. In 2023, Devon became an SGX coach with the purpose of getting people up and active, and on to the Spartan course.

His ultimate goal is to change the lives of those around him through Spartan, the same way his own life was changed.

Coach Natalie

Natalie started her fitness journey in 2014 and has been going full steam ahead since!!

In 2020 she decided that training was right up her alley & became a certified personal trainer & fitness instructor. At the same time she was introduced to Spartan and she became hooked & was able to place 3rd in AG on her 3rd Spartan run!!

She believes that her clients success is her own success and strives to pull her clients out of their comfort zone to show them how capable the human body is when you challenge it. Challenge equals Change is what she lives by!!

One of her many proud accomplishments is the fitness program she had a hand in creating and has become the main drive of her career as it has become a huge success for her & her business partner!!

With 4 kids she stays busy & loves to be active with her little ones. Adventures make her heart happy!!


Coach Andrew

Andrew has been in the fitness world since he was a teenager.

Always trying to better himself and always pushing his boundaries by utilizing weights and calisthenics.

Andrew attended college and graduated with a Bachelors degree and Masters in Education.

While still being a regular at his local gym and keeping fit, Andrew was introduced to Spartan Race in 2018.

After his first race Andrew was hooked and knew what he needed to do. He signed up with NASM and became a certified personal trainer. Once his training certificate came through, he turned around and started his SGX certification.

Andrew has trained hundreds of new Spartans in how to tackle the course, from training people outdoors, in gyms and even on race day; by the SGX coaching zone and open houses.

Andrew has become well known in the OCR community in Arizona and with being involved in the Spartan Race; he finally found his calling, which is making people into better human beings.

Why Us?

Analyze Your Goal

We assess and evaluate how to get you where you want to be – even if we have to start slow, we’ll get there together.

Show Your Work

We’ll guide you every step of the way, but show us your work. Let’s see your dedication and commitment in action.

Improve Your Performance

Let’s take a step back, re-assess, analyze, and continue your journey to your goal.

Achieve Your Goal

After all your hard work. You did it!
Now enjoy the sweet feeling of victory.