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The Zones

Welcome to the proving grounds!

Introducing the Zones

You will be tasked to complete 4 unique fitness ZONES.
Each zone will transform your MIND, BODY, and SOUL. Ranging in difficulty from easy to hard, these zones are a true test to see who has what it takes to become a member of The PAIX.

Functional Zone


The Functional training zone is a type of strength training that gets people ready for daily activities. Bending, lifting, sitting, twisting, loading, pushing, and pulling. These movements will get you ready for what SGX PAIX has in store for you in the different zones.


Strength Zone


In ancient Sparta the population gathered to train by using body weight movements to become strong and agile. Complete these movements, and you are one step closer to becoming a member of the SGX PAIX.

Strength Zone (Continued) – The Trials

You will be taken out of your comfort zone. You will be pulled from the light. You will be submerged in the dark.
Welcome to the TRIALS.

Soldier Zone


Congratulations, you are now a member of the PAIX. Now, you will be tasked with completing the final battle.

Will you emerge victorious?


Victory Zone


Victory awaits you. Beyond this zone lies a celebration like no other. However, it will not be easy.

You will need to use what you have learned in the previous zones. Do not quit, you are too close.

Ready to take it on?

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