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Wondering why you should become part of The SGX PAIX

Here’s a brief outline

Why “Paix”

SGX Paixnidiatakes the Mind Trifecta to a new level – as the ancient Greeks did when they created a series of athletic competitions around 776BC.

They were held in honor of Zeus, as shall the SGX PAIX – with a 4 part challenge that will test the Mind, Body and Soul.
Athletes around the globe will unite and endure this epic virtual challenge that will earn you the sought after SGX and STRONG wedge.

And to those that hold the wedges have the honor to embrace the final challenge for the Sparta Coin and all the Brabeia that comes with it.

Become part of the SGX PAIX now

Are you ready to challenge yourself, compete and rise to the Proklisi set out by the King of the Gods, God of the sky, lightning, thunder, law, order, justice – Zeus


Our Vision

The majority of us have suffered some type of physical injury, trauma, or even emotional wounds. We want to help you overcome your fears and power forward to the future, strong, you!

Our passion remains in creating positive environments that are welcoming, supportive, and are a force for change and wellness. Safety is always first.