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Spartan Discounts

I am so passionate about helping you achieve your goals I have a list of awesome discounts to help you on your journey or help you become an Ambassador for Spartan. 

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Spartan Discounts

Spartan Race 20%
Code: SAP-655050B

20% off any Spartan Race (Kids Race, Sprint, Spartan City, Stadion, Super, Beast, Ultra, Endurance (HH) to share with clients, friends, and family – valid for ALL heats.

Spartan 20% off (Ultra, Beast, Super, Sprint, City, Stadion)
Kids Race 20% off (.5 mile, 1 mile, 2 mile)
Hurricane Heat 20% off (4HR, 12HR, 24HR)
Trail 20% off (10k, 21k, 50k, 100k, Half Marathon)

Spartan Passes

Trifecta Pass $50 off Trifecta Pass (US ONLY)- unlimited
Code: SAP-655050B

Season Pass $100 off Season Pass (US ONLY)- unlimited
Code: SAP-655050B

Tough Mudder 20% off (5K, 10K, 15K, Kids)- unlimited
Code: SAPTM-655050B

Shop Spartan

Merchandise Discounts (the US and Global website Shipment information) for 2023:

20% off at the Spartan shop:
(both US and Global)
Code: SAP-655050B

This code is valid for 20% off Spartan Shop,
including 20% off Power Systems gear (Only for orders in the US).
Not that this excludes the following: Ram Rollers, Gift Cards, iTab products, Custom Jersey (Legendborne) and Spartan+ Members items.